Lovely Doctor with positive lovely natural smile and 100 % સચોટ સારવાર. I got very good positive results. I am diabetic since 17 years and I have very good experience with his treatment, got very good result with his ten days treatment. Thanks Dr Sir " પરમકૃપાલુ પરમેશ્ચરની કૃપા સતત વરસતી રહે એવી પ્રાર્થના."

Mr. Kantibhai Dalwadi on July 13, 2017

I am a diabetic patient since 15 years and taken treatment and opinion from many doctors. However, my sugar was never controlled by whatsoever measures and treatment taken all these years. When I visited Dr. Dishank Patel at Glucowell diabetes centre, I had stopped all the treatment since 15 days out of frustration. Dr. Dishank counselled me and convinced me that my sugar will also be controlled with his advice. After understanding every aspect of my daily lifestyle, he suggested me few changes in my diet and physical activity. He also started me on diabetic medicines as per my sugar reports and my profile. In my next follow-up visit after 1 month, I was very happy to see the results of my fasting and after meal sugar values which were under control as per the targets given by him. I strongly recommend all diabetic patients to visit his centre and follow his advice to live a healthy life with diabetes. Thanks Dr. Dishank for nice consulting and counselling.

Mr. K J Pandya on July 3, 2017

I have achieved very nice sugar control with the treatment from Dr. Dishank Patel. The best part of his consultation is that he listened to all my problems and concerns very quietly. He gives as much time for counselling as is required for the good of the patient before prescribing any medicine. Apart from just controlling sugar, he also stresses on comprehensive management including prevention of various diabetes-related-complications. I am really thankful to Dr. Dishank Patel and wish him the great success ahead.

Ms. Parul Patel on June 30, 2017